The (de)Evolution of Marriage

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As a race humanity finds it far too easy to hate. Whether it is because of a difference in skin colour, sexual orientation or religion, it seems it is far easier to hate something that you are in some way ignorant to than to accept people as different, or even attempt to understand them. Whilst all such behaviour grinds on me greatly, causing me great annoyance and even further fuel my dislike for humanity and its many faults, most of which are appalling more so than appealing, it seems lately that one has caused me more anger than any other.

Religion remains at the base of many issues in this world. Until the end of time no other singular factor will cause as much pain, devastation and death as religion has done. Now, what I mean by this is not that religion in itself is evil, I don’t think any belief system can be fundamentally evil, however that does not stop religion from being the single most used excuse for evil.

Now good and evil itself are religious terms, religious scripture talks tirelessly of the fight between the two, but it also leaves the both of them open to interpretation and interpretation can be very personal. You would struggle to find religious scripture that could be applied directly to the modern world, using the bible as an example, it was written at a time before technology, before mass immigration, before several other religions developed, before women had many rights, before schooling was available to a majority etc. It was written at a time when science was but a baby, and thus it got a lot of things wrong, if the book of Genesis was written today I bet it would have been done so in a way where it would incorporate knowledge humanity now holds to make the story more believable. Because that’s what it is; a story.

That is not a statement that I mean to make lightly, however it is the purest description of something that has been told that cannot be proven. Dinosaurs existed, as proven by science; it’s highly unlikely that the entirety of humanity bar one man and his family was wiped out by an an unrealistic storm. Evolution happened, and is continuing to happen around us, including the evolution of our planet itself starting at the big bang, there’s scientific evidence, hard evidence; the world having been created in six days is an impossibility. Now I understand that believing in a God, may very well go along with believing in something that does in fact seem impossible, however, is it really right to base your views on humanity on an ancient book written by old men who thought themselves and their opinions above everyone else?

When we are born, we are all born into the world as equals, and the hope of organizations like Amnesty International or the United Nations is that we will all one day be born into the world with the same, basic fundamental human rights. It is a human right to not go hungry, to receive education; to not to be persecuted for the colour of your skin or the name of your God, every single person walking this earth should have the basic human right to love. Love is the purest emotion that we can feel, from the love a tiny baby feels the moment it reaches for its mummy moments after being born to the love two men feel when they are finally allowed to marry, because the world has changed, because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a right to love and to happiness.

I am often quick to criticise the Americans, their government, their attitude towards the rest of the world, their gun policies, the list goes on and on, but in the last week I have been given a big reason to praise the US as their Supreme Court has legalised gay marriage, a major step up in a country where LGBT youth remain one of the most vulnerable groups and represents a high percentage of homeless youth and where rights in regards to sexuality hasn’t just been neglected in regards to marriage. Unfortunately, along with the Supreme Court’s ruling comes a religious backlash of Christians who think that these women and men do not have the same basic human rights as they do. Because that is what it comes down to, due to narrow-mindedness you want to deny as many as 1 in 3 people happiness. Homosexuality isn’t a choice, being born a gender doesn’t necessarily mean you are born the corresponding sex, and living in a modern society, I struggle deeply in understanding what makes people believe that they have the right to judge anyone based on outdated stories in a book. See, I don’t judge you based on the stories you choose to believe or the God you choose to believe in, some of the stories are really pleasant stories; some of them even have good morals. What I do judge you on is your need to use those stories as a reason to judge others, as an excuse to deny people happiness. I don’t care who your God is, I do not care what scripture you can recite from memory, what I do care about is the fact that you spend so much time talking about your God and how loving he is whilst simultaneously spreading your hatred. Religion should be something pure, something that lifts you up, something that is good. Every time it is used to preach evil you give those of us who are not religious another reason not to respect your faith. After all, if you cannot respect us, why on earth should we respect you?

Religion will remain the single most used excuse for evil, because it is the easiest of excuses to use. It doesn’t change with the times, it doesn’t modernise as much as it should because however much a religion evolves there will always be groups within that religion that will refuse to evolve with it. The sprouting of hatred is often defended by another human right, the right to free speech, what most forget is that this is a right that is withdrawn the moment your free speech is used to speak ill of others, purposefully hurting others or citing hatred. Or putting it in Layman’s terms, maybe you should just remember what your mama told you; if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.


  • David Rathbone says:

    A great piece Sil. You echo my own thoughts quite brilliantly. I respect another person’s right to practise their beliefs but not their intolerance or fundamental lack of respect for the rights of others. These are the same people who worship the same God but simultaneously think that their religion is the ‘right’ one. Perhaps there’s another piece in there about the base similarities in all religions, yet they have split based on the works of books written by men! Buddhism is the way to go I think. At least it practices peace and embraces Science.

    • Sil says:

      It’s frightening just how few people see that what they will harm for, even kill for, isn’t things set out by their Gods, but in fact written by mere mortals. Nothing good will come from letting the words of a man have that much power over you.

      Whilst I continue to respect everyone’s beliefs and their rights to have them, I find that the older I get, and the more damage I see caused in the name of any God, the more I wonder whether or not religion will do anything less than damaging further down the line as it continues to be perverted by the interpretation of man. You may very well be right in regards to Buddhism, although I still believe that a lot of what is done in the name of Gods remain the actions of men using it as a mere excuse, and I try very hard not to judge entire religions on it. That said, it’s not like heads of religions hasn’t allowed dreadful trespasses in the name of their God, the Catholic Church as an example springs to mind.

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